Tuesday, 24 August 2010

To Camili - the main village in Macahel

This was to be one of the finest days for traveling with Mavlute and his trusty van. We were about to discover the true beauty of Macahel. Hüseyin our guide and interpreter had been quietly answering our questions and getting to know us all. It was on this leg of our journey we really began to appreciate his knowledge and insight into the region.

When we set out the mountain mists restricted our visibility but soon the sun climbed into the sky and the landscape took shape , well for while . We soon discovered the ever present cloud was often lurking in the next valley, waiting to engulf us in its miasmas . Never to be undermined by the weather this experience just increased our sense of adventure.

As Mevlutes van drove us carefully down the mountain from the barren Yayala, the vegetation became lush and the climate warm . It was hard to believe were not in some subtropical forest in central Africa. All that was missing were the whooping of monkeys in the forest.

After while Richard could bare it no longer and we all got out of the van to walk . The wild flowers bedside the road displayed a cornucopia of colour.

Each flower appeared as if it had been planted by a hidden hand ,creating a carpet of colour of rich variety. This was to be one of the finest floral displays we experienced during our travels in Macahel and possibly the best I've ever encountered in one area . A place never to be missed .

OK perhaps over the top with my enthusiasm but I suggest you go and discover for yourself.

While discovering the abundance of flora we all behaved like excited children with cries such as - look look a White Lilly . Where? Over there - quick come and see. We must have made a very humorous site. Grown adults cavorting amongst the plants in pursuit of the infamous White Lilly and infinite varieties of wild flowers. And yes they do smell magnificent.

Making our way along the track towards Camili Richard found an abundance of Fungi made all the more mysterious by the swirling mists that swiftly descended upon us . The rotting trees and damp humid atmosphere are perfect for all manner of fungi and I only wish we new more about the type to be discovered .

A sight common throughout, on the trail towards Camili we saw small homesteads hugging the hills surrounded by steep fields sown with corn and planted with beans, soft fruits, hazelnuts and all manner of vegetables .

As Mavlutes van made its way down the valley to Camili we stopped off at a roadside watermill. I was in heaven . Sorry but for some people it's cars, gadgets ,sport, whatever. For me this is the stuff of life. Brilliant. Thank goodness my family feel the same way otherwise life would be rather lonely.

The simple detail of this corn water mill is exquisite and difficult to shoot in the available light .

Richard and I both wanted to take this hand cart home but the girls pointed out we would be well over our hand luggage allowance . I'm sure the airline would make a special allowance for two loonies with a handcart. As things stand I have to make do with a metal wheelbarrow which is not quite the same.
I now understand when people pass our home and take pictures of our orchard , house and garden going ooooohhh aaaaaahhh! I guess I now know what they are feeling .It's all about setting sight on something uncommon to ones own experience of life. These were sights rarely seen at home in such abundance. Here,in this romantic idly, interesting flora and fungi were to be found in abundance.

I don't think Mavlute and Hassan had the same view of life . This after all was home and we found his local normal plants and local artifacts exciting . What sort of world did we come from ? Obviously one barren of plants , fungi and wooden wheelbarrows.

As ever Hüseyin provided a wealth of knowledge on almost everything we encountered from plants , rock formations, to the local traditions. You name it Hüseyin seemed to know it all and Hassan was always on hand to provide that extra special insight accompanied by the obligatory puff on a cigarette.

Once we arrived in Camilli we stayed at Hassan's guest house . An excellent base to stay in Macahel where we were made very welcome by Hassan's family.
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